Thursday, June 3, 2010

musical inspirations

I woke up this morning, thinking about how I would begin to fill in these daily weekly posts on my blog. And the thought of it begins to give me some inspirations as to why I want to share with my friends and family, the adventures and enrichments of my life's journey, which began... to my great surprise, when I started to give and share more of my talents without expecting anything in return.
For years,.... having worked with JH (Jascha Heifetz), studied with him, collaborated with him on completing many of this transcriptions, I was told that I should never want to play my musical instruments in front of people, unless I was either asked or was hired to perform.
But,.... I had this life and death experience, in 2005, which I survived and was given another chance at life. Only then, I began to think differently, with encouragements from my boyfriend of 10 years, Matthew, who often told me that God has given me those talents, in order for me to share them with others ....freely!
I began to volunteer at Cedars Sinai Hospital, as a music for healing volunteer, where I can come at anytime, and play in private in the patients'rooms. (Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA has a special volunteer program, where each volunteer must go for training first).
I received so much more rewards, gratifications doing this sort of things, than I feel that I have given. Anyway, the people I met have been incredible, and enriching.
I feel I have been blessed.

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