Saturday, June 5, 2010

La Jolla concert with Nick

It was not a surprise to hear the response from the audience, that none had ever heard any kind of music played by just an violinist and an accordionist.
Nick and I seemingly have given these people quite a memorable evening, most of them commenting on the beautiful sounds they got from the 2 instruments combined.
We played a varied program, including a rendition of a french popular song La Vie en Rose,
which my genius accordionist friend Nick did, alone, at the very beginning of the concert, zag waying into a russian folk song...(that was not our original plan on the program, but the lady who invited/hired us requested for a french song/russian folk song)
We performed: Scheherashade by Rimsky Korsakov/Kreisler
Spanish Dance by De Falla/Kreisler
Clair de Lune by Debussy (for vln and accordion)
Malaguena for accordion solo
Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu (piano solo)
Indo Serene by Nick Ariondo (for violin, piano and accordion)
It Ain't Necessarily So by Gershwin-Heifetz
Hora Staccato by Dinicu/Heifetz
The audience was of the older generation. I was not sure how they would like our rendition of the Indo Serene, which Nick had written for me, where I switched from piano to violin back and forth. To my greatest surprise, they were so taken and moved by it.
In my whole life, I have discovered that I have received the greatest artistic rewards/satisfaction, making music with my accordionist friend, who is the best collaborator I have ever made music with.
And believe me, I have made music with many, in many different chamber music settings, during my life time.
I feel so blessed, and fortunate that I often get inspired during a performance before an audience (does not matter the size), and change my ways of interpretation of the musical piece of that moment. And I never worry whether my accordionist partner will be surprised or will follow. Because, he always listens, and is always right there with me musically.
I got such a compliment from some one from the audience, when he commented that he liked my rendition of the Chopin, much better than that of Rubenstein..Wow?
(I suppose, I could ask myself, "does he know what he is talking about?)
I really believe that we have given these people an evening of music they will not forget.

What a blessing!

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