Sunday, June 20, 2010

JH Documentary project part 2

Arthur Vered, a JH biographer and Peter Rosen, the film producer for this Documentary project, will soon travel to St. Petersburg, Russia and to Vilnius, Lithuania to shoot footages of film on location at the different residences where Jascha and his family lived, where Jascha went to school, where Leopold Auer taught (St. Petersburg Conservatory). Thanks to all of my dear friends, whom I only met last October 2009, when I was invited to take part in the Rimsky-Korsakov Music International Festival.

Last October 2009, I had no idea that a film documentary project about JH was going to be offered to any film maker in the United States. I was not aware of it until the month of November 2009, when this film maker Peter Rosen called me, and informed me that the daughter of Richard Colburn offered this film project to Peter Rosen.

The reason I was invited to participate in the international music festival at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg, was because the director of the festival, who read my book, about JH.
It was an experience of a life time, which I will elaborate more on it, later.

I had to make all of the arrangements for Peter to meet all of the people (most of them are my personal friends), who will plan to help take Peter on the different sites, very essential to the film, as they were places where Jascha and his family had resided, or frequented. Peter will also plan to interview a few important people who know a great deal of information about JH's younger years.
As many of us are aware, that JH spent only a fifth of his life's period in his homeland...the rest of it which he spent in the USA.