Friday, June 4, 2010

JH's Malibu Road # 2

I have not thought about the name of the couple who bought the JH Malibu house in 1983, before JH passed away in 1987.
Now, 27 years later in 2010, a film producer from New York, Peter Rosen had been given this project to make a documentary film about Jascha Heifetz , by the oldest daughter of Richard Colburn (Colburn School of Performing Arts in LA), Carol Colburn.
Peter Rosen read my book, and was told that I might be able to help with the project.
One of the assignments I was given by Peter, was to find out if there still stands the flag pole out on the beach side of the JH Malibu house on Malibu Road #2.
For security reasons, many of the public breeze ways leading out to the beach which used to be accessible on foot from the street, are now closed. There was no way for me to find out about the flag pole, unless I walk on the beach starting from the beach off Pacific Coast Hwy, which was not impossible.
One day, in March 2010, when Peter Rosen was in LA, interviewing some people, from JH's past, one of whom was Arthur Vered, a JH biographer from England, I suggested to drive out to Malibu with Peter and Arthur, so that I could show Peter where the JH Malibu house was located.
The address of that same JH house now has 5 numbers. And it is not easy to find it again, for it has changed its facade; the white gate on the street-side taken away.
Anyway, when we arrived on the location, I noticed 2 cars parked in its driveway.
That means that there were people inside....possibly.
Peter Rosen's LA assistant Katharina, was not able to find out through regular channels about who now owns this house. Home owners in California, especially in the Malibu area, tend to
change hands often.
I decided to ring the door bell, located inside of the driveway, attached to an intercom system.
To my greatest surprise, a woman's voice came on the intercom, and asked who it was.
Suddenly, I felt speechless, having not thought about the name of the couple who bought the house directly from JH, but somehow under duress, JH's spirits must have enlightened me, and the name came to the tip of my tongue, and answered her question with " I used to spend a lot of time here in this house many years ago with Jascha Heifetz"
The woman's response: "Oh my gosh", whom would you like to speak to?"
I answered:" Mrs. Specht"
The woman:"Speaking, please come in" as the door buzzed open.
Peter, and Arthur followed me as we all entered through a breezeway (just the same as it was before), and immediately could see the flag pole from a distance, to my great relief.
That moment was the beginning of my friendship with this Mrs. Margery Specht, a loving, generous kind lady, who has since invited me many times to make some music together.
Margery Specht is a pianist.
Peter was given the permission out of the kindness and generosity of the Specht couple, to come back in the month of April, and spend an afternoon, till sunset, so that Peter can also film the sunset on the beach, when JH liked to sit for hours on the beach in silence.
I think that this was sort of a miracle in my life, it was meant to be.
And JH must have approved of it.
It was a blessing.

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