Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JH Gilcrest Drive part 1

Since Mr. H died, I have not had the opportunity to find out what the interior looks like at the JH Gilcrest house. Even though, I have driven by the house hundreds of times, when ever a friend, or an old colleague would ask me to drive her/him over to that house on Gilcrest Drive.

Serendipitously, this past month of March 2010, when a dear friend was visiting me from England, because of the JH documentary project, some thing exceptional had occurred this time, when my friend asked me to drive him over to the Gilcrest house for the 5th time.
As I was waiting in my car, parked across the street from the house, my friend was taking pictures of the outside of the house, which was mostly covered with very high green hedges all around the property when the house was sold to a famous actor, James Wood. The only parts of the house which were not covered was the entrance to the front part of the house, which was gated not so high, and the entrance to the garage door.
Suddenly I saw a man coming out of the gated entrance door to get the mail. He noticed my car,
and was wondering what or who that might be parked across the street.
I decided to come out of my car , crossed the street (very narrow), said hello to this nice looking young man and introduced myself saying: " Hello, my name is Ayke, I used to live here in that house behind you with JH". Well, that really got his curiosity, and responded "Oh really? What do you mean? outside the house or inside the house?"
I: "of course inside the house, I was his accompanist, and was his house manager, who looked after many things for Mr. H"
The man (who turned out to be the owner now, took it over from James Wood), asked kindly, if I had since, seen the inside of the house. When I said "No", he invited me and my friend to come into the house.
This man was so kind and generous. When I asked if Peter the film producer could come out one day to take a few pictures of the view of the city of LA, located opposite of the house on the other side of the street, this man kindly said "yes".

I really believe that the spirit of JH must have been around me and he must have approved of this whole thing.
How kind and generous this man was.
And for Peter...how fortunate he was, for all the series of events that have taken place as ground works for the film. A time was set for Peter to come out to the house in the next month.

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